The Future of European Automobile Industry and Market : electric or mixed ?


Freyssenet M., The Future of European Automobile Industry and Market : electric or mixed ?, Slides presentation. 2d International Conference, “The Future of Automobile Industry, 2030”, 4td International Electric Vehicle Exposition, Jeju Island, Korea, March 22, 2017. Digital publication,, 2017, 1,9 Mo, ISSN 7116-0941.

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1. Current state and particularities
- What is the ranking of European car market and of European carmakers in worldwide auto market and industry? Recall
- Is the auto crisis over?
- What were the changes in the car market? And Why?
- Is the European car market not yet unified ?
- Why are the profit strategies of European car manufacturers so different in Europe?

2. Recent trends
They concern directly or indirectly the electrification of car
- The incapacity to respect Euro 6 standards with ICE cars
- Take‐off of EVs sales ?
- Europe became the second EV market, just after China
- But the increase of EVs sales is the fact of few countries. Why?
- After explicit divergences, the French and German manufacturers now seem to agree to consider EV as possible futur standard. But there is still internal and external resistances
- All are engaged in the run to connected, automated and shared cars.
- Renault still alone to produce with success low cost family car models, include for developped countries
- PSA is taking over Opel_Vauxhall to GM. One of the reasons is for PSA to catch up in the offer of EVs. Fiat-.‐Chrysler is looking for a parent company: VW or GM

3. The Future : What carmaker could be the leader in Europe in 2030?
- What methodology ?
- European market : expanding or simple renewal ?
- What profit strategies : innovate or die ?
- Will the EVS be a new segment of market or a new standard for all the cars ?
- all connected and automated cars ? The car sharing ?


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Automobile, electrical vehicles, carmakers leader, profit strategies, innovation

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Anthropology, Economics, Management, Geography, History of Sciences and Technologies, Engineering, Political Science, Sociology.

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