Leading article, July 2006. To work without moving line

Ten photographs had been selected to illustrate the article “L’usine d’Uddevalla dans la trajectoire de Volvo”, published in Actes du GERPISA, in March 1994, among approximatively sixty taken photographs. This article was put on line in May of this year on this website. It is accompanied by a photographic appendix gathering the selected photographs. The other photographs are also interesting. They constitute a coherent unit with those already published. They show the production process set up at Uddevalla and the work carried out by the two or four workmen assembling a whole vehicle, in less time than it is necessary on an assembly line. So it appeared useful to make a diaporama with the 63 taken photographs. It aims at rendering comprehensible the technical, organisational, administrative, social and philosophical innovation which Uddevalla constitutes. The diaporama was introduced in the site during June. It is entitled L’usine sans chaînes. Volvo Uddevalla. Diaporama. 63 photos. The compressed file weighs nevertheless 13,4 Mo !

The holist and reflexive principles which guided the design of the Uddevalla automobile assembly seems to make it possible to think any work process. Indeed, they form a new productive paradigm. They are not only the characteristics of a productive model among others. They could make it possible to engage a real inversion of the intellectual division of labour, under certain social and political conditions.

As the previous month, the new documented references are numerous: 41 on the whole. They correspond to a more reduced number of texts, because some of them are versions very similar, which it was not useful to reproduce. Two are entries only to pages of presentation. The downloadable documents put on line are 22. They are articles of review or contributions to collective books, except for four of them. Except the diaporama already mentioned and the slides accompanying a verbal statement, one will find two bulkier documents: a research report, “Travail et automatisation dans les chemins de fer” and a document of investigation, « Les données économiques et sociales de Renault. Les années 70 et 80 ». The research report renders an account of a long field inquiry in the various types of regulation and signal box at National Railways Company, SNCF. The goal of this investigation was to analyze work in normal situation and disturbed situation at various stages of the intellectual division of work and to discuss the distinction made between real work and prescribed work.

The visits of the site continued to progress in June. The average number of visits per day was 74, contrary to 69 in May and 62 in April. From the opening of the site, the March 1, to June 30, 5.163 visitors paid 7.049 visits (1,36 visits per visitor). They opened 58.149 pages (11,26 pages per visitor) and downloaded 1.451 texts (0,28 text by visitor). The number of "printed" pages of presentation is not known. The visits should logically drop in during the next 2 or 3 months. One wondered last month about the significance of the "traffic not viewed", not taken into account in the preceding data. After information, this traffic is constituted by the visits paid regularly by the search engines (Google, MSN, etc.) to index the new contents. So it is right to don't take it in account in the statistics of the website. First ranked among the best French-speaking sites of social sciences by Liens Socio, the site is now also the more visited website starting from this portal. Thank you for your visit and your interest.