Leading article, April 2006. The first month of the website

The first month of the website

The creation of a site and its referencing in the main research engines generate an impressive number of pages reads. From 1 till 31 March, 9828 pages were opened, from 603 connections (called also visits) made by 438 different guests, excluding the site administrators. Visits became more frequent as soon as the very appreciated French portal of social sciences " Liens Socio " informed his subscribers and visitors of the opening of the site and classified it among the richest. Other networks of researchers in France and abroad and magazines will be also informed during the next weeks. One can read moreover at the foot of every page the number of reads of the concerned page.

The bet of the site will nevertheless be earned really only when it will cause comments, debates and collaboration for notably a possible theorizing of the social relationships. They will be able to judge it when the texts necessary to understand the stake of this theorization will be written and put online. At the moment, connections, others than those established from research motors, seem to be connections made to discover the site. The guest passes from a page to an other to see what he can find there.

In March, several changes were introduced. The list of which are itemized at the entrance « changes of the month – changes of March, 2006 ». Eleven texts were put online, among whom five, although former, are however published for the first time. They are added to texts and to pages of presentation installed from the opening. 87 references of the approximatively 500 listed in “publications by year” (with the exception of interviewes by newspapers, radio and TV) are presented by 37 pages (today in French, and little by little in English) and lead to 41 downloanable texts. Distances between these three numbers is explained by the fact that several references are regrouped in the same page (notably translations and versions very close to the same text). Besides, all references do not open on a downloadable text, when this one is not duty-free or could not still be digitized. In future, the number of references and the numbers of pages of presentation and downloanable texts should get closer. Every translation will have a particular page of presentation in the concerned language. The former texts will be progressively digitized.

The guests had probably met with some little difficulties of navigation and notably they had read sometimes the terrible ' Not found ', having clicked on a normally downlanable text. This problem was regulated, having understood that software does not tolerate apostrophes in the titles of the attached texts ! Also, three texts must be cut up in several files, these not being able to exceed 1,5 Mb. Resolute problem: they will hereafter be able to weigh Mb until 15. On the contrary a third problem could not still be eliminated. The picture which appears normally at the head of the pages of presentation is sometimes replaced with an interrogation mark in a blue square. The picture is however correctly encoded. If somebody knows the origin of problem and the solution, he does not hesitate to inform about it.

More in general, I shall be very thankful to all those who would point out me to other difficulties of navigation, to imperfections, to defects and to errors of all kinds. Please send a comment or an electronic mail to