Editorial, march 2006, Opening


The launch of this site had required some time. The reason was not the work of codification. The free Drupal software offers numerous "modules" ready for use. A dozen codes only are to know. I thank very much Tommaso Pardi to have explained to me the possibilities of Drupal and to have help me in the first steps.

Two months have been necessary to create this website, because of its design. The first idea was indeed to have access to the texts from several entries, each of them corresponding with a possible focus of the guest. Some entries were not a problem: type of publication, year, field, documents of inquiry, main publications. But the others required time to be elaborated: themes and especially research questions, elements of a possible social relationships theorization, reflections about research and propositions of cooperative research. The second idea driving the design of the website was to make visible its tool vocation for research and debate on a social relationships theorization . That is the reason why the presentation pages underline the possible use of the texts for this theorization. The third idea was to reach a sufficient number of texts and presentation pages so that the current site is not only a prefiguration of the site in the future, but also it is at once an useful tool.

The list of the references is not exhaustive. Some texts, notably working papers, are not compiled. They will be added after the examination of their interest. Only somes examples of materials of inquiries are given. Their number should grow strongly. At present, one can estimate at 10 % the percentage of references informed by a presentation and at 8 % those accompanied with downloadable texts. They are indicated by the sign ✔. They correspond however to main publications.

For the launch of the website, we have adopted a sober, even austere presentation. We must know better the possibilities of drupal in this domain. The exactitude does not exclude visual pleasure , whim and humor. But it is not necessary to expect this site becomes a place of entertainment!

When the site will have reached its " rhythm of cruise ", a column, without fixed periodicity, will treat problems of the research and also of the economic and social life, only when the results of the research allow some additional or contradictory reflections.