The social relationships

This website would like to be an additional research tool. It is it, as other sites, by collecting results of scattered works and by making them at once available for consultation and for downloading. But it would like to be also a way to promote, beyond the inevitably restricted group of the colleagues and specialists, a debate on a possible theorization of the social relationships and to suggest works and possible cooperations. One will go so to the entry " project of the website " to read the explanations of this project.

This objective led to classify the publications, not only by type, year, subject, field, but also by research question and by element of a possible social relationships theorization. It explains also the presence of two unusual entries: " reflections on the research " and " propositions of cooperative research ".

In addition to that, one will find some materials of inquiry at the origin of the articles and books. The materials of inquiry will be ignored even for a long time by institutional websites, although it would be completely justified they will there. Often very intreresting, they can not be nevertheless published by commercial publishers. When they are already digitized either when they can be it, they are broadcastable by internet and reusable by the others. Maybe, one could avoid they disappear in some cellars or hard disks, when the researcher who elaborated them decides to deal with other subjects.

The texts published on this website are readable and downloadable in the format pdf (Adobe Reader 7.0.5). A summary, generally rather long, allows to evaluate the utility of the downloading. It is sometimes accompanied with informations about the context of writing of the text, the place of the text in the scientific debates and its contribution for a possible social relationships theorization. The downloaded or printed texts are, according to the law, for private use. The not commercial collective reproduction is however possible and even wished (!). For more precision, one will click "Downloading".

The reader can do comments, if he considers that is useful to do that, about the texts which he will have read. He can also participate in the forums which are launched. In each case, it is necessary to register. But every guest can read comments and debates, published after the usual procedure of regulation.

The guest can wish finally to have more informations about the author of the site. In the first line of menus, he will find curriculum vitae, main scientific contributions and activities, résumé of the works, the scientific responsabilities and the transfert of knowledge, the teaching and the broadcasting of the research results. These themes are the chapters of the activity report which is asked periodically for the researchers of the National Centre for Scientific Research in France. One will find from these entries the most complete activity report I had to write.

The practical modalities to use the web site and its evolutions are presented in "directions for use". It can be useful to consult it before navigation. At the moment, numerous references in the block "Publications" lead to " pages in preparation ". To avoid to "click" for unavailable pages, the informed pages are indicated by a special character ✔.

The creation of this type of website products some heuristic results suggesting new hypotheses and projects. The effect is stressed by the website tool itself that allows to have his results, reflections and documents accumulated during numerous years directly on the "desk" and at once in some "clicks". But this exercise and this facility don't go without errors, questioning, doubts, and risk to construct an a posteriori coherence. So, development and rectification will be made. The English part of the website will be settled gradually, to have time to translate the pages of text presentation.

Waiting more and better, good navigation!