Three possible scenarios for cleaner automobiles


Freyssenet M., Three possible scenarios for cleaner automobiles, International Journal of Automotive Technology and Management, issue n°4, 2011. Digital publication,, 2013, 217 Ko, ISSN 7116-0941.

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The quivering observed towards the alternative motorizations could be the starter of at least three scenarios. In the scenario of diversity, each automobile producer will be able to find its regional niche. In the scenario of progressiveness, only most powerful carmakers will survive. In the scenario of rupture, the newcomers and the innovating entreprises will have the possibility to engage a true « Second Automobile Revolution ». The winning scenario will prevail not because of its technical superiority or of its best environmental performances, but initially because of energy geopolicies and of firm profit strategies. For these reasons, the third scenario, which appears today most random, could impose, as the improbable petrol car scenario imposed one century ago.


1. Four main conditions for a car revolution
1.1. The crisis of the previous transport system
1.2. The emergence of various solutions, thanks to innovations coming from other industrial sectors
1.3. The formation of a coalition of economic, politic and social forces to impose one solution
1.4. The macro-economic decisions and the public policies for a broad diffusion of a chosen standard

2. From an astonishing effervescence, three main scenarios emerge
2.1. The scenario of diversity
2.2 The scenario of progressiveness
2.3 The scenario of the rupture

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Automobile industry, transport system, hybrid car, electric car, agro-fuel, energy geopolicies, environnemantal performances, profit strategies

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