Reflective Production as a means to analyse sociologically the other Production Systems and to develop a new social relationship


Freyssenet M., Reflective Production as a means to analyse sociologically the other Production Systems and to develop a new social relationship, in Sanberg A. (ed.), Contested Nordic Models of Work and Employment. Volvo Uddevalla and Welfare Capitalism, Stockholm: Arena idé, 2013, pp 31-34. Digital publications:, 2013, 29 Ko, ISSN 7116-0941; ilpc2012stockholm.

The text is a part of the round table "Twenty years after, what can we learn from Volvo Uddevalla?", organized during the 30th International Labour Process Conference, Stockholm, 27-29 March 2012.

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The text explains why Reflective Production is a means to better understand the structural inefficiency of assembly line and the productive models that use this machinery, to design another type of automation and to develop a new social relationship

Key words

Intellectual division of labour, organization of work, Reflective production, Volvo Uddevalla plant, automation, capital-labour relationship, employment relationship

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Anthropology, Economics, Management, History, History of Sciences and Technologies, Engineering, Philosophy, Cognitive sciences, Political Science, Sociology

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to personal questioning
to scientific reflection of research laboratory or network
to national and international scientific debate
to diffusion of scientific results
to implementation of scientific results

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