The Second Automobile Revolution is underway! Three scenarios in confrontation


Freyssenet M., The Second Automobile Revolution is underway! Three scenarios in confrontation, Slides presentation. The 19th GERPISA International Colloquium “Is the Second Automobile Revolution on the way?” Paris, 8, 9, 10 june 2011, 28 slides. Electronic Publishings:,, 2011, 1 Mo. ISSN 1776-0941.

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Since 2008, many changes confirm the second automobile revolution is underway. Three of its four conditions are fulfilled. Three scenarios of transition to cleaner cars are in confrontation: scenario of diversity, scenario of progressiveness, scenario of rupture. The last, that appears the rikiest, could impose, because the second is changing in its exact opposite: the scenario of "all at once". The first is not supported by coalized actors.

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Second Automobile Revolution, scenario, clean car, national energy preferences, new powertrains, hybrid vehicle, plug in hybrid vehicle, electric vehicle, fuel cells vehicles.

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Anthropology, Economics, Management, Geography, History, History of Sciences and Technologies, Engineering, Political Science, Sociology.

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