The founding ideas of the First GERPISA International Research Program, 1993-1996


Freyssenet M., The founding ideas of the First GERPISA International Research Program, 1993-1996, La Lettre du GERPISA, n° 99. Digital publication :, 2001, 68 Ko ;, 2011, 68 Ko, ISSN 7116-0941.

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This text was written in connection with the preparation of the second international program. It was to clarify the principles that had guided the realization of the first program

- The initial idea was to choose a research question that was both a major scientific stake for researchers and a major strategic challenge for the automotive manufacturers and their employees
- To find the scientific, organisational and practical means to respond, whether negatively or positively, to the chosen question
- The initial and different points of view of the participants could be surpassed (not by arriving at total agreement, but at new positions that are theoretically more elaborated and empirically more argumented), if some shared procedural points are defined.
- The competencies and means to carry out the project will be found, because it served as an intellectual stimulus and united the concerns of automotive manufacturers and those of other organizations
- The rules necessary for an efficient and equitable cooperation between the participants could be elaborated in order to reach the programme's objectives

Key words

Researchers network, rules of scientific cooperation, research question, GERPISA

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Anthropology, Economics, Ergonomics, Management, Geography, History, History of Sciences and Technologies, Engineering, Political Science, Sociology, Statistics

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to personal questioning
to scientific reflection of research laboratory or network
to national and international scientific debate
to diffusion of scientific results
to implementation of scientific results

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- Freyssenet M., Fridenson P., Proposition d’un groupe d’études sur l’industrie et les salariés de l’automobile, mars 1981, La Lettre du GERPISA, n° 10, mars 1996. Éditions numériques :, 2001, 64 Ko ;, 2011, 64 Ko, ISSN 7116-0941.

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