Globalization but Still a Large Diversity of Productive Models and Corporate Governance Styles


Boyer R., Freyssenet M., Globalization but Still a Large Diversity of Productive Models and Corporate Governance Styles, Seoul Journal of Economics, Summer 2002, volume 15, n°2, pp 149-191. ISSN: 1225-0279. Digital publications:;, 2010, 4 Mo, ISSN 7116-0941.

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Built upon a series of international comparisons and historical retrospective analyses of the car industry, the article challenges the vision that lean production is the best productive model for the 21st century. From a theoretical standpoint, a productive model is delined by the conjunction of a profit strategy and a company governance compromise in order to make coherent product policy, productive organization and employment relationships, along with the relevance with respect the macroeconomic growth mode. The empirical analysis shows that at least three productive models co-exists: the toyotian is organised along permanent costs reduction, the hondian one is built upon innovation and flexibility, whereas the sloanian model, based upon volume and diversity, is still alive and quite efficient in the relevant European context. The prognosis is that this diversity of productive models is bound to continue, even the era of globalization and after the mega merger mania.


1. Introduction
2. Engendering productive models : an analytical structure
3. Paths that could theorically lessen market and labour-related uncertainties
4. Growth modes
5. Profit strategies
6. Productive models
7. The main results of the comparative and historical analysis

Key words

Firm organization, productive models, lean production, automobile industry, globalization, growth modes

Concerned disciplines

Economics, Management, Geography, History, Political Science, Sociology.

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to personal questioning
to scientific reflection of research laboratory or network
to national and international scientific debate
to diffusion of scientific results
to implementation of scientific results

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