The unsustainability of the « new economy » and the automobile crisis


Freyssenet M., The unsustainability of the « new economy » and the automobile crisis, Introductory debate about the automobile crisis, 17th GERPISA international colloquium » Sustainable Development in the Automobile Industry: Changing Landscapes and Actors, 17-19 june 2009, Paris. Digital publication,, 2007, 200 Ko, ISSN 7116-0941.

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This crisis is in the same time ecological, financial, economical, social, political and geopolitical. All its aspects are in fact inextricably linked together. The link between these particular crisis is that was called « the new economy ». The « new economy » was a political economy that a part of conservative economical and political forces, specially in USA and Great Britain, have tried to diffuse and to impose at the world level since the eighties, specially through the actions of international organisations. The caracterisation of the « new economy » allows to understand why the automobile crisis is not the unfortunate consequence of the financial crisis

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