Downloadable texts or documents are placed back at the foot of their presentation pages. One has access to these pages by the various entries and by the references of the publications. They are all in the format pdf. The pages of presentation and the "résumé of the works" are printable directly, if the reader finds some interest. The comments of the readers and the contributions of the participants to the forums are also printable.

In the three cases, the user will find at the bottom of the page the reference to be mentioned when he will want to do quotations or to quote his sources, according to the current uses. The law authorizes only the personal use of the downloaded or printed texts. A not commercial printed or on-line diffusion is nevertheless, not only possible, but also recommandable (!). It is well-bred in that case to ask for the license to the author or to the co-authors of the texts. However the simplest, the fastest and the least expensive for a not commercial collective diffusion is to send back to the site . In case of commercial distribution, the license is a legal requirement. Generally speaking the on-line publishing of documents is above all intended for a better diffusion of the research works and to arouse possible cooperations. As the site HAL of the National Centre For Scientific Research reminds it, the uses that prevail for the paper publications are also the sames for the one-line publishing.

Three types of texts are not accessible directly or at once.
- One will not find texts not free of rights. In that case, the site of the publisher and the on-line distributors are indicated. However numerous publishers in social sciences gives up their rights at the end of some years. Texts not free of rights are not numerous. The site of a distributor that would still have a work free of right is sometimes indicated to allow the user to obtain the paper publication.
- The collective books, special issues of review or Proceedings of colloquium that were coordinated by the author. They can not be introduced into the site in their completeness. One will find here only article of these publications written by the author. A link is however introduced to have access to the sites where one can find the complete publications, notably the Proceedings of colloquium.
- The on-line publishing of texts requires time. The reason isn’t technical, except when the texts should be digitized. The reason is the requirements of presentation that this site would like to respect. The number of the downloadable texts will increase gradually. To avoid the useless "clicks", the informed presentation pages are pointed out by the sign ✔. The priority is given however to texts contributing to a social relationships theorization.

E-mail of the author and co-authors,
For demand of license of collective, not commercial and commercial, diffusion

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