by type

➼ The types of publication rank according to the categorization which prevails today in the French National Centre For Scientific Research. This classification indicates normally in a lessening order the importance and the quality of the publications. The reality is a little different. Some research reports can be more important than articles, and leading articles in La lettre du GERPISA more than contribution in collective book. The type of publication depend often on time and circumstances. Entries by " research question " and by " element of a social relationships theorization " are more relevant to know the place and the contribution of every publication. The classification by type keeps however an interest, for example to find physically the texts.

Research books
Edition of research books and special issues of scientific revue
Contributions to research books

Articles in scientific revues (with referees)
Articles in scientific revues (without referees)
Editorials and articles in La Lettre du GERPISA

Synthesis books
Contributions to synthesis books, to popularization revues and to educational handbooks

Edition of colloquium proceedings
Contributions to colloquium proceedings
Communications to colloquium without published proceedings
Diapositives for oral presentations

Research reports

Working papers

Contributions to official reports
Articles and interviewes for the newspapers radio and TV
Publications by other websites

Books and articles of some authors, in work relationships with me. Their texts are temporarly in my website, at their request